Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons for Kids and Teens


Why should kids and teens take
private dance lessons?

  • Develop grace, balance, musicality, and self confidence.                                                  Kid's Dance
  • Receive personalized feedback,
    encouragement and support.
  • To improve material taught in class.
  • Get ready for a show, competition or recital.
Private lessons for children up to 17 years of age
in Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom & Latin

$ 70      for 1   Lesson
$ 350    for 5   Lessons
$ 600    for 10 Lessons 
Private dance lessons are important to train children on their routines and techniques.
Some of our students couple up to form a dance team, and usually the lesson fee is shared by the two families.

kids dance


Special Choreography for your Special Event ...For a “Sweet 16” Birthday Party
Let your children perform in a group on your family’s special event. Our Instructor will choreograph a special routine to the music of their choice. Your group will be ready to perform.

  • 8 Students min.
  • For 1 hour $ 15 per student / Min. 4 hours
  • Ages 8 –17