Saturday October 29
7:00 - midnight

Come and watch Witches, Draculas, Monsters, Vampires, Wizards, Zombies, Ghosts & Goblins enjoy themselves in a night of "DARKNESS" dancing to the spooky tunes.
Come and be one of them...dress up so you can move amongst them and won't be discovered, dance with them and feast at their deliciously bloody buffet dinner.

A ghostly lesson will be taught from

7:00 - 8:00 pm
A bloody feast will be served
and dancing until ....the moon will disappear 

A costume contest will reveal the
BEST couple costume
MOST creative costume
MOST Scariest

and more
Prizes will be awarded

This is a night "out" for the Creatures of the Dark. 
Let's dance with them and let's show
them a good time
Starlight style. BOOOOOOOO!

Just for you $ 25 if you are a member
For you plus another creature $ 50 for members

Non Members $ 30 for one 
Non members $ 60 for two

If you dare pay through PayPal
and claim your territory now.

How many tickets