Sept.  6       Fall Dance Season starts this week Everybody is coming back to dance class
Sept. 26 - Oct. 1 Costume Measurement week Parent please stay a few minutes after class,  we will take measurements today
Oct. 10 Let us know.., Inform the desk if you cannot attend the December 10 Showcase
Oct. 10 Columbus Day All classes are ON...Come to class
Oct. 24 Halloween Kids Party from 4-5:30 pm

All kids all ages, come to our fun afternoon of fun and games.
Dress up in your costume

Oct. 24 - 31 Halloween Week Wear your costume to class, but make sure to wear your dance shoes
Nov. 12 Recital Tickets for Dec. 10 Ticket Sale starts today
Nov. 24 - 27 Thanksgiving weekend No classes...Happy Turkey Day!
Dec. 3 - 8 Parent Showcase Meeting & Video Day Parents come into class, Video tape your child, get Recital Info
Dec. 9 Costume & Stage Rehearsal John H. Walker Middle School. Franklin Ave. in Nutley - Check for your Stage Time
Dec. 10

Holiday Showcase

John H. Walker Middle School, Franklin Ave. in Nutely - Check for your Showtime
Dec. 12 - 17 Dance into the Holidays Have fun and dance into the Holidays, a fun week of dance and games to celebrate.
Dec. 19 - Jan 2 Winter Holiday Break Happy Holidays


Jan. 2 Start of all classes this week We are looking forward for you to come back
Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Jr. King All classes are ON. Come to class!
Jan.  Recital costume Inform the Desk if you cannot attend the June 10 Recital
Feb.  Winter Recess All classes are ON. Come to class!
Mar. 26 Easter Weekend NO classes Today. HAPPY EASTER!
Apr. 11 - 16 Spring Break (Nutley schools) NO classes this week. 
All of May/June Pre Registration Month Reserve your spot in class in May for the next dance season 
May  Recital Tickets for June 10 Ticket Sale starts today
May  Memorial Day NO classes today.
Jun  Recital Meeting & Video day Parents come to class to video your child and get Recital info
Jun. 9 Costume & Stage Rehearsal John H. Walker middle School in Nutley, Franklin Ave
Jun. 10 GRAND RECITAL John H. Walker Middle School in Nutley, Franklin Ave
Jul.  Summer Dance Classes start 4 and 8 week classes available to keep you dancing through the summer