Learn to dance...your LIFE will change!


Discover the joy of Private Dance Lessons.

Learn all your favourite Ballroom & Latin Dances in no time at all.

If you need to get ready for a special event, a wedding or a function or just want to learn simply for fun,

Starlight will match you up with your own instructor who will tailor a plan just for you.

Your goal might be to just catch up to enter a group class that has already started, become a good social dancer, perform or even compete, we do it all and we will guide you on this fun exciting journey.

You can take the private lessons by yourself or bring a partner.

Our Instructors will teach you at your own pace, give you support and encouragement.

You will gain self confident on the dance floor that will reflect into your life.

At STARLIGHT we book lessons seven days a week.

Book your lessons when it is convenient for you and let the fun begin.



Private Dance Lessons
Introductory Special

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Private Lesson Packages

1 Single Lesson $ 90

5 Private Lessons $ 435  (87 each)

10 Private Lessons $ 850 (85 each)

20 Private Lessons $ 1640 (82 each)

25 Lesson Package $ 1974 (79 each)


How many lessons?

A 10% Welcome Discount will be applied to your first package


All Lessons are 50 minutes in length.
Prices are the same for one student or one couple.

Go ahead pick up the phone and enter a whole new world 973.235.9835