Now you will see how much fun it is to apply all you learned in class to an actual Dance Party.  Our Friday Student Dance Party is exactly get ready to Party and Dance with us.  Just have fun, relax and meet new friends.  Everybody here is a registered Starlight student and everybody is happy to dance with everyone.  We play the music to all the dances you learned or will learn. 
We added our second room to dance and call it the "Lounge" .  Every Friday we change up the Theme.  Salsa Lounge, West Coast Lounge etc.  Check the schedule for detail.  If you are a Salsa student you can dance all night non-stop in the Salsa Lounge and come over to the Ballroom to check out all the other dances. 

The more you dance the more comfortable you get and the more confidence you will gain.

You do not need to bring a partner to dance with, singles and couples alike will be here to share the fun.  You will make friends for life and enjoy the journey of learning together.

Come and See for yourself  "YOU learn to dance YOUR life will change".  


$ 8



Student Practice