It was the best decision I made when I enrolled at Starlight to learn Ballroom dancing.  Starlight has great teachers, warm staff that makes us feel special, and a friendly environment.  Starlight is the right place to be.  I highly recommend it!!!


Ana Paula Coelho
Sales Manager - Corporate
TAP Portugal Airlines



It started three years ago as a dare, to take dance lessons.  We are hooked, dancing at least three times a week.  We met new wonderful friends and have a nice place to socialize and dance.  The staff is friendly and the instructors are awesome.  After a hard day at work we can't wait to put on our dancing shoes and dance away our stress.  We highly recommend learning to dance at Starlight, you can't go wrong.


Barbara and Glenn J. - Nutley



Starlight Dance Center in Nutley is the BEST.  It is so well run and offers something for everyone so you will truly enjoy dancing.  The staff is welcoming and helpful at all times.  Starlight Dance Center is spacious and the rooms allow for excellent dance areas.  You not only get great lessons at Starlight, but also get the chance to practice at the many practices and socials that are offered all year long.  The atmosphere is very welcoming to everyone that walks in whether you are brand new or a more experienced dancer.  We take ballroom lessons with Anna who is a fantastic instructor and really knows how to teach dancing so you learn new steps, routines and enjoy it too!  Anna pays great attention to her students and their progress.  We also enjoy Eloy's Salsa lessons as he knows just how to break down the steps and teach routines to enjoy Salsa.  Whether you come alone or with a partner will not matter as Starlight makes sure that you will enjoy your time dancing.  We only wish we had known Starlight Dance Center sooner, so we could have started learning and enjoying dance and all of its benefits.
Many thanks,
Marian and John Boyko



After listening to my daughter going out of state dance socials for two years, this old guy wanted to dance with his daughter.  We asked around and the Starlight name came up several times, we stopped in, liked what we saw and haven't stopped dancin' since. Oh ya Dad did surprise his daughter later that year 'cause one night we did the Cha Cha, American Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot and Swing.  In the near future Dad will show her the International Waltz and Samba.  No more two step for me.


Peter Samp



Starlight has been a huge part of my dancing life since Katharina created the loveliest studio in New Jersey with the most welcoming staff.  I have taken many classes there, attended the most beautiful elegant special events and have never been disappointed.  Katharina has been very loyal to the Argentine Tango dance community.  The twice - monthly milongas include the finest instructors, music, performances and dancers.  I look forward to being there each time.  So convenient for New Yorkers, major highways, restaurants, etc.--couldn't ask for more!!!

Norma Arias