Tuition September, 2016 - June, 2017


Registration Fee:
A one time non-refundable Registration Fee of $ 25 per child is required regardless of when they start. 

9 Monthly Tuition Payments : (Sept. - May)
1 class        $ 68  per month / $ 34 for 30 min classes
2 classes    $ 124 per month ( Save $ 100 for the season )
3 classes    $ 186 per month ( Save $ 150 for the season ) 


The Discount could be applied to one student taking 2 or 3 classs.
Or to a 2nd or 3rd child from the same parents taking classes


For your convenience Tuition Fees are divided by 9 payments. Tuition payments do not reflect the amount of classes taught each month.  (For example Starlight does not charge for June, however there will be classes)


All tuition fees must be paid through pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit cards at time of registration.  Fees will be deducted automatically on a monthly basis.  Your first month tuition plus the Registration Fee will be processed at time of registration.  Credit cards are not accepted for individual in-person payments for classes each month.

Payment in full is available upon request.


Additional Fees to be expected during the dance season:
Recital/Holiday Showcase Tickets $ 15 adults / $ 10 kids / No Fee for performers

Costume Fees: For the December Showcase $ 65 / For the June Recital $ 65
Photo Shoot: optional
Recital Dvd: optional ($40)


Trial Classes:
If you are not sure if your child is old enough to enroll into Dance classes, Starlight allows up to 2 trial classes at $ 15 each.  The Trial class fee will be deducted from your program upon registration for the dance season.


How to Register
Please visit us at out 7 High Street location to register in person.  You are required to fill out a registration form and choose the class/classes you would like to enroll you child/children. At the time of registration your first month of tuition, plus a one time registration Fee of $ 25 per child will be processed.
For your convenience Click below to download the required forms to register your child/children.  
If you have any questions we are here to help. Just call 973.235.9835